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Atmosphere Beaverton Farmers Market 2023

Farmers markets are a great place to buy local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, meats, and other food. In addition, many farmers markets have a wide variety of other items for sale such as baked goods, preserves and pickles, and crafts.

During the market season, beaverton farmers market is open every Saturday from 8 am until 1:30 pm.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Beaverton Farmers Market

A visit to a local farmers market is an excellent way to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables that have been harvested locally. These markets typically feature produce from family-owned and operated farms.

The Bedford Farmers Market offers fresh produce from local area farms including a wide variety of plants, farm-fresh eggs and local beef, chicken and pork. The market also carries baked goods, jams, jellies, cinnamon rolls, pies, sweet bread, jewelry, tie-dye, pottery, leather goods and other art/craft items.

Some vendors at the Bedford Farmers Market accept SNAP/HIP and WIC coupons. Additionally, some vendors have partnered with IU Health-Bedford to provide bonus vouchers for WIC recipients.

Many of the vendors at the market sell a variety of products, including handmade arts and crafts, jewelry, woodworking, fiber art, soaps and pottery, stained glass, leather goods and baby items. These items are usually made by Lawrence County residents within 75 miles of the courthouse.

This market is open on Saturdays from mid-June to October. It is located at the Centertown Pavilion.

In addition to fresh produce, the market also features an array of artisan food producers. Some of these companies include Deep Roots, Do Re Me, Gaia’s Breath Farms, Sohha Savory Yogurt, and La Petite Occasion.

Aside from fruit and vegetables, the market also offers pasture-raised beef, pork, and poultry. These animals are typically fed on grass and grain.

Some of these farms have a seasonality chart that lists what is in season at any given time. This information is also available online via the FoodPrint Seasonal Food Guide app.

If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, consider visiting a farmer’s market in NYC. These markets often feature a wide range of locally grown and sourced items, including organically grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They also usually include artisan food makers selling a variety of products, including homemade baked desserts and other savory dishes.

Baked Desserts

The beaverton farmers market offers a variety of baked desserts. Some are traditional, while others have a more sophisticated flavor. For example, a creme brulee infused with vanilla bean and dark chocolate is just one of the treats available at First Love Baking.

Marisa Kroes, founder and head pastry chef of Orange & Blossom, was inspired to create this market stand because she wanted to ethically bring the whimsical approach of high-end restaurant desserts to farmers markets. Her passions for sustainable sourcing, ethical practices and the seasonality of Northwest produce came together to inspire her creation of these unique and high-quality vegan pastries.

Her business has thrived in just a few short months since she opened the Kenton Farmers Market, which is why she plans to open another location this spring. While she focuses on making doughnuts, McLaren also makes a variety of cookies and other baked goods for her market customers.

She uses a wide range of flours in her recipes, including wheat and gluten-free varieties. She also uses a combination of organic and conventional ingredients to ensure the highest quality.

Some of her popular items include lava cheesecakes, boba-topped cupcakes and cloud bread. She also offers savory scones and quiches.

In addition to her regular offerings, she also offers a weekly special on the second Saturday of every month. It is served at the bakery stand, so customers can enjoy it while it’s hot and freshly baked.

Many of the markets are smaller in winter, but they’re still worth visiting if you’re looking for a new place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re also a great way to support local vendors and meet friends.

Preserves and Pickles

The Oregon Health & Science University campus hosts a farmers market, which sells consciously grown and cleanly produced produce. It also serves as a community space for food security, sustainability, and inclusion.

A wide range of artisan food producers offer fresh produce, farmstead cheeses, pastas, chocolates, breads and pastries, pickles, ciders, herbs, and more. The market draws a crowd of 20,000 people every summer and is conveniently located near the Beaverton Library in downtown Beaverton.

While the market has a variety of vendors, it does not sell any alcohol beverages, printed materials, souvenirs, cosmetics, or decor. However, there are some jewelry and decorative vendors who sell their seasonal festive wares during the two Christmas markets held each year at the market.

October’s Disco Pickle events offered a selection of brine-friendly produce like apples (pickled with ginger, star anise and clove), grapes, pears, melons (specifically melon rinds), radishes, onions, garlic, beans, beets, cauliflower and wild mushrooms. Volunteers provided samples, shared information about the upcoming demonstration and helped shoppers decide what to purchase for the DIY pickling station.

During the event, chefs led a demonstration that laid the foundation for technique and nutrition, readying participants to chop and pack their own produce into jars. Then, as the disco soundtrack set the mood, the chefs led attendees through the process of making a brine, helping them understand how to blend aromatics, and sharing ideas for incorporating quick pickled ingredients into daily meals.

These communal dining experiences provide a low-barrier, economical entry point to cooking and show people how to use ingredients that might otherwise go to waste. Whether you’re new to pickling or a longtime enthusiast, these free demos are an easy way to start preserving your own food and build your confidence to cook more creatively.

Honey and Other Bee Products

There are a variety of bee products that can be sold at farmers markets. Some of these include honey, beeswax, and bee pollen. These can be sold by local beekeepers or by individuals who are interested in selling them.

One of the most popular items to sell at farmers markets is honey. This can be used to add flavor and sweetness to food. It is also an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

At the beaverton farmers market, you can find many different types of honey. Some of these honeys are made from flower nectar while others are made from plant pollen. These can be found in both raw and processed forms.

The raw honey that is available at the market is very fresh and delicious. It is also very affordable.

You can find other bee products at the market that are good for you. These can include beeswax, bee pollen, and propolis. These can be used to treat various health conditions.

Bee products are an important part of a healthy diet. They can help reduce allergies, boost energy levels, and improve overall health.

At the Beaverton farmers market, you can find a variety of honey and other bee products. You can also find a variety of other goods at the market.

The Beaverton farmers market is a destination market and attracts visitors from all over the area. The market is located across from the main Beaverton library and features a wide range of vendors. The market is a great place to find local produce, prepared foods, and other artisan goods.

The beaverton farmers market is a great way to support local agriculture while enjoying a day out with your family. The market is open year-round and has a large variety of vendors.


The Beaverton farmers market is a popular destination for locals looking to buy fresh, locally grown products. Located across from the city library in downtown Beaverton, this medium-sized market averages between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors each Saturday during the summer season.

The market features a wide variety of vendors, including nursery growers, ranchers and artisan food producers. You’ll find everything from fruit jams and farmstead cheeses to breads, pasta, chocolate, pickles, and more.

It is a great place to bring your family for a day of shopping and dining on delicious foods. The market also provides a variety of amenities, such as picnic tables and live music each week.

There are many different types of crafts that you can sell at the beaverton farmers market, including handmade jewelry and pottery. You can also sell homemade soaps and other skincare products.

Another popular option is to make and sell candles. These are a great way to make extra money, especially during the holidays.

Those who are crafty can also sell handmade items, such as picture frames, pens, and cutting boards. Knitted items are also popular, especially hats and scarves.

A few other options include selling vases and mugs made from pottery. This is a fun and creative way to earn some extra cash.

The beaverton farmers market is an excellent opportunity to shop local and support small businesses. With so many markets throughout the Portland area, you can easily find one near you to get your fix of fresh produce and other goodies. Plus, these markets offer a lot of other benefits to the community as well, such as education, entertainment and more! So, don’t forget to check out the beaverton farmers market before the summer season ends!